Dear Members and Colleagues,

As I wait in the Schiphol airport having a ginger mint tea (for which I have developed a tremendous fondness during the conference), I am reflecting on the IAWMH conference and what it stood for –
Determination and Solidarity. We saw a lot of that. This was a conference with a difference. The first after the pandemic, and our amazing hosts who supported us despite several challenges

47 themes, excellent plenaries, a wonderful leadership workshop, coffee with mentors, babies and young daughters, stimulating symposia and workshops, some great data driven oral and poster presentations and more importantly a collegial and vibrant atmosphere.
It set the bar high for future conferences.

We got great feedback from many of you about possible themes, ways of  involving early career professionals and ensuring some form of online presentations.We hope to have some of the recordings of the plenaries and symposia/presentations on the website to ensure that those who registered but could not come can have access to some of the sessions.

It was unfortunate that many people from Low and Middle Income Countries had to cancel or could not come due to visa or funding issues. We recognize that this maybe a problem for future conferences and will aim to find a suitable way of ensuring global participation.

By now you would have all reached home with great memories, new friendships and collaborations and a lot of new ideas for future work in women’s mental health.

As we start planning for the Bangalore conference, please stay in touch, let us know what you would like from the association and from the next conference. We are open to fresh ideas on newer topics and more interactive formats.

We request you to keep sending us material for the newsletter of any innovations, new programs and study findings on women’s mental health from your teams. Florence, Susan, Judith, Gihan, Patricia and I, supported by Debby, will find ways of staying connected through webinars and newsletters.

Thank you
With  Thanksgiving, Christmas and the holiday season round the corner, on behalf of the IAWMH, I wish everyone good health and a peaceful 2023!

Prof. Prabha Chandra
IAWMH President

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“Gender equality is more than a goal in itself. It is a precondition for meeting the challenge of reducing poverty, promoting sustainable development and building good governance.”  Kofi Annan

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