COVID-19 Resources

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Audio tapes of the July 30 and November 20 webinars regarding Covid-19 along with speaker handouts can be found on the Members Only page. These are posted as a courtesy to paid IAWMH members.

Coronavirus Information & Resources

IAWMH letter about Covid-19 – click here

The following are some documents that may be useful during the current pandemic.

This excellent and informative brief was developed by representatives from the Gender and COVID-19 Project –  How to Create a Gender Responsive Pandemic Plan – click here

From the World Health Organization:

Coping with stress during the 2019-nCoV outbreak – click here

Coping with stress during the 2019-nCoV outbreak (French) – click here

From Center for the Study of Traumatic Stress (CSTS):

Psychological Effects of Quarantine During the Coronavirus Outbreak: What Healthcare Providers Need to Know – click here

Taking Care of Patients During the Coronavirus Outbreak: A Guide for Psychiatrists – click here

Caring for Patients’ Mental Well-Being During Coronavirus and Other Emerging Infectious Diseases: A Guide for Clinicians – click here

Additional Resources:

Resource for College Students with Mental Health Disorders – click here

Information for Victims of Intrafamilial Violence: Increased Risk of Violence During Containment – click here

COVID-19 and Family Violence – click here

Pandemics and Violence Against Women and Children – click here

Immediate Psychological Responses and Associated Factors during the Initial Stage of the 2019 Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Epidemic among the General Population in China – click here

Mental Health Strategies to Combat the Psychological Impact of COVID-19 Beyond Paranoia and Panic – click here

Psychiatry and the Covid-19 Pandemic: World Psychiatric Association Standing Committee on Ethics and Review – click here

Gender and Stress During the Covid-19 Crisis – click here

Women are Most Affected by Pandemics — Lessons from Past Outbreaks (Nature) – click here

Additional Resources in Spanish Prepared by the Spanish Society of Psychiatry:

Cuidano La Salud Mental Del Personal Sanitario – click here

Cuide Su Salud Mental Durante La Curentena Por Coronavirus – click here